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Namon Ka Khazana


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Namon Ka Khazana

NAMON KA KHAZANA Book is helpful to choose a suitable name for a child which is very important to Muslim family.


As each person believes that name play a significant role in the life of an individual, so to arrange the new born future in some bright and being a good Muslim, his Muslim names have the impact on the individual personality. For this reason a great number of parents when going to decide the name of their newborn they relate it with the name of their Holy prophet Mohammad. With the global research and according to modern research based on Islamic child names, this is found and declared that “Mohammad” has found the most admired name used throughout the world by the majority of Muslim group of people.

Islam has clearly formulated a number of measures to be taken by the parents and their relatives at the birth of a child. These rules are to be observed so that since the very birth the child and his parents may live under the beneficial influence of the Islamic tradition.


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