new year special packages BADR-E-MUKHALLAT ATTAR ARSH PERFUMES

Badr e Mukhallat Attar 8ml Pack of 6

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 Badr e Mukhallat Attar 8ml Pack of 6

Mukhallat Attar is a family of attars which has many members just like the Shamama or Amberi family of attars.

It is of a sweet, floral, fruity type and displays many different facets within those parameters according the essences used in its compounding.As with all such natural blends it is wise to allow a 6 month maturation period before one can detect its full, complex beauty. 15-25% of the concentrated base can be blended with sandalwood oil or any carrier oil that one likes for a full strength perfume.

Mukhallat  is usually a mixture of pure oils such as Dehn Al Oudh, Rose, Musk, Sandalwood, Amber, etc that are combined to create a perfume oil.

Badr-e-Mukhallat Attar

  • 8ml Roll On Perfume
  • Long Lasting
  • Free From Alcohol
  • Feel the Best Quality


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